This is a partial listing of the artists who help to make the Everlasting Gospel a strong component of the Radio of Hope broadcast day.


101 Strings
16 Singing Men
Abundant Life Singers
Air Force Reserve Band
Anderson Trio
Andrews University Singers
Angell and Keveren
Annette Vanscoy Campbell
Antonin Dvorak
Best Loved Hymns
Betsy Hernandez
Bill Gaither Trio
Bill Pearce
Bob Bennett
Bob Cull
Bob Kauflin
Bob Krogstad Chorus
Bobbie Casey
Bobbie Page
Bobbie Wolgemuth
Bobby Michael
Bonnie Casey
Bonnie Herman
Bonnie Knopf
Breath of Life Quartet
Brentwood Hymnworks
Brentwood Kids
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Bruce Carroll
Bruce Greer
Buddy Davis
Buddy Greene
Buddy Houghtaling
Celebration Symphony
Chapel Men Sing
Charles Haugabrooks
Charlie Sneller
Chris Beatty
Christian Edition
Christopher Parkening
Classical Praise
Connie Vandeman Jeffery
Cristina Piccardi and Marcelo Caceres
Cristy Lane
Cynthia Clawson
Damaris Carbaugh
Darwin Hobbs
Dave and Marlene Colburn
David Maddux
David O'Neill
David T Clydesdale
Dean and Mary Brown
Debby Boone
Del Delker
Dennis Agajanian
Dick Tunney
Dino Kartsonakis
Discovery Singers
Don Francisco
Don Marsh Orchestra
Emmanuel Quartet
Eric Horner
Esther Nakashima
Evangelina Perez
Evie Karlsson
Felix Mendelssohn
Fernando Ortega
Fountainview Academy Strings and Choir
Franz Schubert
Gaither Vocal Band
Gary and Marilynn Venden
Gary Lowry
George Beverly Shea
Glen Campbell
Good News Singers
Greg Buchanan
Greg Howard
Greg Nelson Choral
Greg Nelson Singers
Gustav Mahler
Haven Quartet
Hearn and Fettke
Heidi O'Gara Jellison
Heritage Singers
His Voice
Hymns for A Kids Heart
Hymns Praise
Hymns Praise with Damaris Carbaugh
Instrumental Praise
Integrity Instrumental
Integrity Kids Singers
Jaime Jorge
Janet Paschal
Jennifer LaMountain
Jerome Hines
Jim McDonald
Jim Murray
Jodi Benson
John Catchings
John Michael Talbot
Johnny Hall
Joni Eareckson Tada
Joseph Hayden
Judy Wolter Bailey

Karl Jenkins
Karyn Henley
Kate Smith
Keith Settle
Kelly Smith Mowrer
Keveren and Hooper
Keveren and LaMarchina
Kimberly Schwirzer
Kurt Kaiser
Larnelle Harris
Larry Dalton and Natl Phil Orch of London
Larry Mayfield Singers
Legacy Five Quartet
Leontine Price
Lisa Bevill
Lisa Wickham
London Philharmonic Choir
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Majesty Music Chorale
Maranatha Praise
Maranatha Kids Praise
Margie Salcedo and Sisters
Marilyn Cotton
Mark Hayes
Mark Zeeman
Mary Rice Hopkins
Maurice Sklar and Orchestra
Melody Four Quartet
Michael Bjelica Guitar and Orchestra
Michael Card
Micheff Sisters
Morman Tabernacle Choir
Myrna Haynes
Nancy Culver
Nancy Dudley
Nancy Honeytree
Old English Hymns
O'Neil Bros
Pat Boone
Patricia Spedden
Patricia White
Patti Pruitt
Phil Driscoll
Philip Keveren
Philip Webb
Ponder Harp Jennings
Praise Ensemble
Ralph Carmichael Orchestra
Ralph Henderson Christianna Kelsey
Ray Boltz
Rebecca Brewington
Regeneration Singers
Richard and Melynie Tooley
Richard Tooley
Rick Foster
Robert Hale and Dean Wilder
Robert Schuman
Rogers and Price
Roy Lamont
Rudyard Dennis
Russ Taff and The Imperials
Sally Ettari
Sandi Patti
Sarah Groves
Seth McCoy & Robert Shaw Chorale
Sharon Batts
Sheila Walsh
Sherrill Milnes
Signature Sound Quartet
Simplicity Praise
Steve Amerson
Steve and Annie Chapman
Steve Darmody
Steve Green
Steven Curtis Chapman
Sunday Morning Hymnal
Take 3
Tennessee Ernie Ford
The Ambassadors
The Azusa Pacific University Choir and Orch
The Bowker Brothers
The Branches Children's Choir
The Cathedrals
The Centurymen
The Chestnut Brass Company
The Donut Man
The Emmanuel Quartet
The Fellowmen
The Heralds
The King's Heralds 1949 1961
The King's Heralds 1962
The Masters Chorale
The Masters Chorale Fettke
The Melody Four Quartet
The National Christian Choir
The New Gaither Vocal Band
The Three Angels Chorale
Times Square Church Children's Choir
Twila Paris
Twin Sisters
Ulanda Innocent
Walter Artes
Wayne Watson
Wedgewood Trio
Wintley Phipps
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wonder Kids