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If the Lord impresses you to help us spread the Good News, sharing our hope in the Soon-Coming Savior, you may easily and securely donate from this web site, but be sure to support your local church body first.

Our On-Line Donation Pages Are Located HERE. 

So Where Does Your Money Go?

The cost of studio and transmitter-site rental, insurance, license fees, equipment repair, utilities, office supplies and a minimum of staff members are always on the increase. Our average monthly operating budget is structured with two levels.

  1. Level One is about $5,000.00 which pays for things like rent, utilities, office supplies, free materials sent to listeners,  insurance and various licensing fees. By God's Grace, and the kindness of our listening family, we typically meet or exceed this level.
  2. Level Two is about $9,640.00 which also pays for things like multiple salaries, equipment maintenance and/or replacement and postage. Much of the time, we have been successful in approaching this level of donation each month, but not always.  January and March were a little on the "light" side.

With about 720 hours in the average month why not consider making a little chunk-of-time your own project each month? For some folks one single dollar ($1) a month fits into a limited budget. For others, it's $20.00 and in some cases it's $100.00, $200.00 or even $400.00. Whatever your situation may be please know that it is appreciated very much by all of us at Radio of Hope!

Other Ways to Donate:

Mail your donation:
Please send your tax deductible donations to:

Radio of Hope
P O Box 1882
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Are You Legally Qualified to Participate in the Washington State Combined Fund Drive?
Link to Washington State Combined Fund Drive

We cannot over-state how seriously we take our mandate to faithfully use each dollar donated to the cause of Christ! Close study is made before any purchase is made and our dedicated radio staff is applying their expertise for a fraction of the industry norm. In short, we're laying up treasure in Heaven. 




Some Recent Financial Data is Below.


In June 2023 - $7,000.00 arrived from our, direct, on-air listening family and from streaming audio users around the world. 

In July 2023 - $4,283.00 arrived from our, direct, on-air listening family and from streaming audio users around the world. 

In August 2023 - $5,343.00 arrived from our, direct, on-air listening family and from streaming audio users around the world. 

In September 2023 - $5,331.00 has arrived thus far. Thank you all so very much for the sacrifices you have made so that Radio of Hope can continue on the air!

Inflation is taking an ever-increasing bite out of everyone's budget!

This makes life difficult for us AND all of our listeners!  Even so, our sincere thanks go out to the Radio of Hope listening family because YOU continue your monthly giving to keep this 24/7 ministry alive!  July and August are beginning to show the level of "hurt" that our listening family is experiencing! 

Thanks for allowing us to have a portion of what the Lord has placed into your hands! 

Did you know that we really do have "One Dollar Givers"? Would it surprise you know that there are sufficient numbers in our listening family to supply all of our ministry needs...if each individual or family unit sent just one dollar each month? Most assume that others (whoever that may be) will take care of the need. Not so!    If that really is your limit, please be one of our "One Dollar Givers."  You're more important that you may realize!

Remember the Widow in Mark 12:42-43?  Jesus does!


You Helped Us Build Our "Meet and Greet" RV Project. Here it Is! 



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