The Kingdom of Cambodia was nearly destroyed by Communist Dictator Pol Pot in the early 1970s. Citizens who had pens, pencils or glasses were considered anti-revolutionary and were worked to death in prison camps or outright executed. The "Killing Fields" did much damage to Cambodian culture, Christian evangelism and the future of the nation. Fortunately, this destruction came to an end in the mid-70s and the Everlasting Gospel is again changing lives. Unfortunately, rescue did not occur before an estimated two million people died, so there are some special difficulties to overcome. Typically only one in four Cambodians over the age of 40 are literate. Cambodians under 40 are typically disinterested in reading and instead prefer to "here" everything. 

With this reality in mind, missionaries to Cambodia have been developing means of getting the Good News into the hands of the people in a manner that works well, given the inherent literacy handicap. "Biblepods" are portable, MP3 devices with the Holy Bible and other helpful literature in Kamai and even some secondary languages.

A complete Biblepod with the Scriptural audio files can be obtained for just $10.00 each. If you would like to help place God's Word into the hands of the Cambodian people please go heretype in Biblepods, and the one-time amount you wish to donate. During this annual event, last year, Radio of Hope collected contributions that provided more than 100 Biblepods for the interested in Cambodia!

In 2018, One Hundred and One Biblepods were funded for seekers in Cambodia. These were placed into "hungry hands" to deliver the Good News in a land so very desperate for it!

In May of 2019, thirty-five additional Biblepods were made possible by our faithful listening family, for the interested of Cambodia! Each of these units will swiftly find their way to an honest-hearted seeker.

Come back in May of 2020 when we will again raise additional funds for Biblepods for Cambodia!