Here is Our "Meet and Greet" RV Project

Rolling in on day one.  There are more "in-progress" photos below.


Much later at the Jefferson County Fair! Quite a bit had been done at this point, but there WAS more to come!


"Baby's New Shoes" have come along nicely. Our great listening family provided the $2,325.00 needed!

 The new wheels and tires arrived and were installed by Les Schwab on Tuesday December 3rd. "Big Blue" now looks like this                                                               with the matching wheels! New lug-nuts arrived and have since been installed as well.  When the Covid-19 crisis has abated,                                                               and permission for public gatherings has been received from governmental directors, the final steps will be taken to complete                                                             the cosmetic RV overhaul!

 All that remains of the exterior work is some, matching, new paint for the front end of the Ford.  Our grateful thanks to                                                                          all of our listening family members who have made this project possible.

 Additional photos of the RV are posted below showing the before, during and after of this project. We are pleased to                                                               announce that the driver-side of the RV, (that we refer to as "Big Blue" for obvious reasons) now displays vital information                                                                 about emergency planning and disaster-response for the entire family.

 The entire passenger-side wall of the RV is covered in Bible-based literature and study guides to present God's views                                                                           on life for the seeking or curious!  This mobile library is designed to answers the questions of visitors who seek to know                                                                       Truth! Once Covid-19 restrictions are sufficiently lifted or modified we plan to visit our friends in many portions of our                                                                     service area!

Out With the Old and In With the New (how it all came to be)!

The Previous Contents and Structures Had to be Removed.


Piled Up Outside. This Took Several Trips to the Land-fill.


Old Plumbing, Batteries, Electrical Panels and Wiring is Out (some mummified rodents too).


The Old External Tool/Supplies Box Removed. Years of NW weathering had destroyed the Plywood.


The Old (and quite rotten) Wooden External Tool/Supplies Box Removed with Newer Body Paint Applied.


The Filler-Plate with Logo.  Follow Us and Be Reminded to Tune In! 


The Drivers-side Information Wall.  Knowing What to Do BEFORE and AFTER Disaster Strikes is Important!


The Back Wall Video Section.  Multiple (very brief) Videos Showing Specifics To Do BEFORE Disaster Strikes! 


The Passenger-side Information Wall.  One MAY Survive Physical Planning Lapses.  Spiritual, Not So much!


We had a great time being in attendance at the 2023 Jefferson County Fair - August 11th, 12th, & 13th!

This year's Fair Management was able to accommodate our desire to closer to the front of the Fairgrounds                                                                                            and we were much more "discoverable" by Fair attendees!  Our presentation concerning the Daily and Weekly                                                                                         FM Broadcasts AND the Public-service operations of Oly-Comm, received increased attention and, we hope,                                                                                           will spark additional enquiries.  We already look forward to 2024 and the next Jefferson County Fair AND the                                                                                          All County Picnic.  In June of 2024, we also hope to repeat our visit to to a large Campmeeting in Auburn, WA!                                                                              






Thank you very much for your support!


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