Radio of Hope Emergency Information Guide

Is It "Fact" or "Fiction" Coronavirus Information?

Get accurate data directly from FEMA here!

More good information is also available at:


The Peninsula Daily News works to make the latest Coronavirus information for the region available.

Visit Their Special Coronavirus Web Page Here.


Wash State Department of Health Info Here. 


Difficulty coping? CALL THE CRISIS HOTLINE at 1-888-910-0416.


Need Help Getting Prescriptions Filled?


Other Good Things To Know

The Power of Water - Be Tsunami Prepared

Our Aims and Goals

Our aim is to share vital information, gathered in partnership with pubic and private agencies, and vetted reports from volunteer field reporters operating within our Oly-Comm framework.


Gathering Information During Times of Communication Disruption

In times of distress the public turns to its local media outlets for important information. That makes us having such information vital! Adequate planning dictates multiple sources of information from which to glean the most accurate and helpful facts. This is why Radio of Hope has developed several means of information input. 

  1. We have a direct, VHF-FM low-band, two-way radio connection with the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center and KPTZ 91.9 FM.
  2. In cooperation with KPTZ (Port Townsend is fortunate to have two local stations) we have helped to provide a microwave radio backbone supporting full-duplex voice communications between both stations, the Main, and the Alternate EOC in Jefferson County.  Unfortunately, this system has been removed because the Federal government has repurposed the radio channels and an alternative is being sought to restore this service.  
  3. To be installed in the future, we will also be hosting a business band radio repeating system, at the KROH FM site, for dedicated use by KPTZ staffers. Cooperation among fellow media operatives, during times of disaster, is a hall-mark of American Broadcasting.
  4. Finally, Radio of Hope has developed a local/regional General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) two-way radio system capable of operation during times of distress and uncertainty.  Our three repeater-systems are operational and, with the assistance of the First Federal Community Grant system, additional equipment has being added to expand and harden our capability to gather information and support more activities. Full Details are here.

What About Electricity?

Our FM transmitter site is equipped with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units and a stand-by generator with 400 gallons of LP fuel stored on site. Our Uptown studio is located in rented space at the Better Living Center, at the intersection of Franklin and Pierce streets, with UPS capacity, a similar generator and 300 gallons of LP fuel.  The Uptown studio also shares limited A/C power, and LP fuel, with an on-site kitchen for community use when needed.