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Our KROH 91.1 FM transmitter is experiencing intermittent audio problems. Technical evaluation is under way and repairs will be completed asap.  Please pray for Radio of Hope!!!       

Posted - May 21, 2022 - In the meantime listen on-line here.

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(What a surprise) However, there is one secret war that you are not being told about!

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Whenever a disaster occurs what do people do?  They turn to their radio station to discover "What Happened", "Where Did it Happen" and "How will this affect my life."

Consequently, whether man-made or natural, every disaster or serious event makes info-gathering vitally important for broadcasters. Delivering Critical News Requires Timely Input from the Field That is Unimpeded by Breakdowns in normal communications networks. That is Why Oly-Comm Was Created.  Our Two-Way Radio Systems provide the ability to communicate for news-gathering purposes when the phones don't work.

Cross-service overlap with participants in other radio services is another practical aspect of Oly-Comm.

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Sunday            05-22  -   500 Days in a Cave

Monday           05-23  -   The Diamond Necklace 01

Tuesday           05-24  -   The Diamond Necklace 02

Wednesday      05-25  -   The Great Escape

Thursday         05-26  -   Madeline's Courage

Friday              05-27  -   Uncle Jake

Saturday          05-21  -   A Woman Named Gazelle

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