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(What a surprise) however, there is one secret war that you are not being told about!  This truth can help set you free!


Whenever a disaster occurs what do people do?  They turn to their radio station to discover "What Happened",  "Where Did it Happen" and "How will this affect my life?"

Consequently, whether man-made or natural, every disaster or serious event makes info-gathering vitally important for broadcasters. Delivering Critical News Requires Timely Input from the Field That is Unimpeded by Breakdowns in normal communications networks. That is Why Oly-Comm Was Created.  Our Two-Way Radio Systems provide the ability to communicate for news-gathering purposes when the Phones and Cells don't work.

Cross-service overlap with participants in other radio services is another practical aspect of Oly-Comm. Click here to learn more.

Attention West Coast Stations!

Do You Have, (or Plan To Have), a Station In Need of Programming?

Generating a quality radio product 24/7 is much more work than many expect.  Would you like to use a network, but not sound like it?;  one that fits your time-zone with NO compromise?  You CAN and here is how it's done.

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"The Story of Jesus' Birth"



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Sunday            12-04  -   The Christmas Angel

Monday           12-05  -   Under His Wings - Christmas Surprise

Tuesday           12-06  -   Little Em

Wednesday      12-07  -   The Daring Act

Thursday         12-08  -   The Secret of Cobble Cottage

Friday              12-02  -   God is Not Asleep - Runaway Christmas

Saturday          12-03  -   The Forgotten Reward

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