Winter Weather and Homelessness in the Pacific Northwest are a bad combination!

Fortunately, there are citizens in several communities doing something about meeting practical needs.  As information about how to support local operations become know we will post that data here so our listening family can lend a hand.

In Port Townsend the Jefferson Interfaith Action Coalition is again operating a warming center at the Pope Marine Building, located at 530 Water street.  To help them help others please consider donating some of the following items and supplies for this great community resource!  Cash is good too!  "There, but for the Grace of God, go I" is not just some nice sounding platitude.  It is one of the real-world opportunities, provided by Heaven, that enables "Christianity wearing work-clothes" to be seen in our community. Pick something from this list and make a big difference in the life of a needy person today. Bless you!

Socks, men's underwear, coats, hats, gloves, dollar store first-aid kits, cup-of-soup meals, bottled water, sleeping bags, tarps, tents and individually wrapped snacks (it takes a lot of energy to survive living outside).