Music Philosophy and Education



The primary goal of our spoken programs and music is one of education rather than simple entertainment.
Listeners may occasionally find themselves challenged when responding to the call for sanctification and change inherent to a lifestyle of Biblical, Christian discipleship. However, we believe, with confidence, that your life and walk with the Lord of the Universe will grow as a result of surrender in this vital area.

Most people have an opinion about what constitutes the "right kind" of music for one who claims to follow God.
What qualifies as "Godly" has never been just a matter of societal consensus. The Bible and modern medical science have much to say about music and its effect upon the mind, body and spirit. For those who feel "certain" that any music with spiritual words has "got" to be acceptable and that the mechanical nature of the music itself is neutral, we find it appropriate to refer to famed American Philosopher Will Rogers --

"It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so."

Many broadcasters experience real anxiety when considering how to deal with the educational needs of existing and potential new listeners. Some choose their music based upon current popularity and the fiscal benefits that will result. Others choose to believe that by NOT choosing ANY music they will successfully avoid the issue. Unfortunately, choosing to withhold educational material about the dangers of unhealthy music, teaches that the matter is a non-issue and of no moral consequence!

This is especially tragic because unhealthy music will ultimately lead to the loss of discernment in all things moral and can even jeopardize one's salvation! In short, bad music will undo good teaching. Which leads to another, and perhaps even more fundamental, self-evident truth. Playing with the Enemy is NEVER safe!

A summary of hundreds of years of thought and investigation on the subject is available via this link where the principles that guide Radio of Hope and other conscientious broadcasters are clearly and concisely presented. Take the time to be informed because a blessing will result for you and your family.