Schedule F Instructions

Certification Statements for a Temporary Operator Permit

By signing this Schedule F, the applicant certifies that the statements listed in this section are true, complete, correct, and made in good faith.  If you cannot certify to the statements listed for your applicable radio service, you are not eligible for a Temporary Operator Permit.

Ship, Aircraft Station, and GMRS Additional Information

For Ship and Aircraft Stations Only:  enter your Temporary Call Sign.   Ship Stations:  For documented ships with or without an FCC call sign, your call sign will consist of the letters "KUS" followed by your six or seven digit documentation number, e.g., KUS234567.  For Federal or State registered ships, the call sign will consist of the letter "K" followed by the ship's registration number, e.g., KNY1234A.  For previously documented telegraph ships, 1600 gross tons and over or with telegraph survival craft, which will remain in documentation, the call sign will be the four letter call sign associated with that documentation number.  If the ship does not have a State registration or Federal documentation, the call sign will consist of the name of the ship and the name of the licensee. Aircraft Stations:  Enter the FAA Registration Number as your temporary call sign. GMRS Your temporary call sign will consist of the letters ‘WT’ plus your business or residence telephone number.


Enter the name of the person signing and the date the FCC 605 Main Form and Additional Data Schedule were submitted to the FCC.  Sign and date the Temporary Operator Permit.

FCC 605 Schedule F - Instructions April 2014 - Page 1