In years past, a 'Mission Station" often looked like this.


 However, in 2024, it may look completely different, and not                                                                                 be nearly as far distant as you thought!  It might even be                                                                               located in Western Washington State!


Our Mission Station Needs Another Studio Audio Producer.

Radio of Hope has, for more than twelve years, advanced eternal ideas that matter and sparked conversation on the most important issues of our time. We aim to bring clarity and Biblical thinking to questions of consequence, on topics ranging from Ultimate Truth to Authentic Spirituality, Sanctified Christian Music, Economics, Environmental Concerns, Technology, Science, Morality and Culture.

As a leading Values-based radio voice in America, we find ourselves at a remarkable moment: one of both continuation and expansion, of upholding our legacy while continuously growing ourselves into the future.

Ideally, we're looking for an experienced radio audio producer to join our, on-site, team. This role will be focused on regular duties developing long and short-form programming with an eye towards Biblical and SOP standards. Movement into Management positions is also possible. The person we have in mind has creative ideas for Public-Service and other routine audio production and cares deeply about producing work that combines great storytelling with Biblical concepts and practical real-world thinking.

Our ideal candidate is a pro at all the basics: producing an engaging and well-timed production for both short-form spots (PSA, Weather, General Announcement) and should also have experience processing raw long-form programs into polished teaching sessions.

Key responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with Program Director, Music Director and General Manager to select and shape concepts that work well for broadcast.
  • Structure engaging stories, from the raw-information process through the finished editing process.
  • Work on all aspects of audio production as necessary, including recording, multi-track assembly and final publication/scheduling.
  • Ensure that Social Media technologies are fully utilized for the Radio of Hope mission.
  • Be prepared to routinely visit area and regional SDA churches and (during the Spring/Summer season) staff the Radio of Hope "Meet and Greet" RV (re-worked 29' motorhome) for various public appearances. Standard driver's license (minimum) with clean record necessary. 
  • Be prepared to serve in additional, operational positions, as needed, when regular or unscheduled staff absences require.

Qualifications we would like for you to have (and can expect to develop further once here):

  • 2+ years producing radio or podcasts. "Perfect" spoken/written grammar not required, but above-average is necessary. Having a "Radio Voice" is a strong plus. 
  • Experience with script-writing, editing, and shaping narrative stories.
  • An understanding of how to express ideas through character, emotion, and story.
  • Be familiar with radio-automation scheduling and playout-system concepts and procedures.
  • Be comfortable working with Audacity, SoundForge, Simian, Photoshop, Word, Excel and FileZilla. WordPress expertise a real plus.  Other software packages may be close enough and you can adapt.
  • Web activities are a strong and growing aspect of modern media operations, so recent IP experience would be very useful!
  • Electronics engineering experience (as either work or hobby) also a plus.
  • Multi-tasking is the order of the day!  Many "hats" prevents boredom!

Across Olympic Media, generally, the firm looks for several "pillar gifts" in each team member. In each of us, they are central in our intentions:

  • A truly “Born-again” experience with Jesus Christ combined with Seventh-day Adventist Church membership-in-good-standing and regular attendance history.
  • A first-level appreciation of Holy Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy resulting in a discipline and rigor of thought as manifested in dedicated work performance and success in a professional environment.
  • A Spirit of Generosity – a natural disposition towards service and selfless conduct.
  • A willingness to serve this ministry as though it were located in an overseas location and not in the continental United States.  As a Faith-based ministry Radio of Hope operates with funding available only as God's people contribute each month.  Ministry bills are always paid first AND, most months, salaries are paid as well.  However, there have been salary delays and temporary reductions until catch-up was possible.  Debt-laden or fiscally-marginal individuals may not be a good fit.  Port Townsend is a tourist-destination, therefore, housing is tight and expensive.  If these challenges and uncertainties don't frighten you then this may be an opportunity to stretch and grow.

Does this sound like a challenge you would like to tale on? If so, we want to hear from you.  All letters of interest (either postal or e-mail) must include a resume with cover letter and three letters of recommendation (Pastoral, Personal & Business/Related-Industry) to be considered.  The more information provided the better. Links to audio work/demos are a plus. Use e-mail or P.O. Box-1882, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

At this time we are unable to offer high pay, vacation-time or medical coverage much beyond Washington State minimum requirements.  However, we're nor cheap or stingy,  we just can't promise more than listener-support will deliver.  Yes, our programming has nutritional value; if our listeners don't give, we don't eat!  This is very much a Missions mind-set institution, functioning on a daily basis as God provides (and He has for years), currently in our 13th year of operation. 

The Radio of Hope format is the Everlasting Gospel/Present Truth with a 60%-40% mix of Spoken programming and Principled/Traditional Christian music.  For additional details on this topic we recommend that you visit If pseudo-Rock and Roll, Contemporary-Hits or Rap meets your definition of Christian Radio, then it would likely not be a good fit.

Our primary philosophical documents are located on-line here:


  1. Mission Goals
  2. About the Music
  3. Do Our Choices Matter?
  4. Target Audience and Procedure
  5. Mission Principles and Public-Service Criteria


Olympic Media is an EOE of Minorities/Women/Vets/Disability.  In fact, most of our Board members are Vets.