“All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don't. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity.” ― Robert Kennedy


Terrorism, military conflict, natural disaster, pandemic, financial crisis, broad moral degradation, hopelessness and every species of unrighteousness are but current descriptors of the state of the world today.  Although there are a few individuals whose wealth temporarily allows them to avoid the consideration of eternal truth and consequence, this world is largely a mass of hurting individuals that needs to know that there is hope! While some fret, regarding these facts, these terms are actually a clarion call to the energized work of evangelism!


                                                 "Oh, that we might see the needs of these cities as God sees them! At such a time as this every                                                                                                                hand is to be employed. The Lord is coming; the end is near, yea, it hasteth greatly!"

                                                                                   Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9, p. 101. (1909)

                                                   "There is means now tied up that should be in use for the unworked cities in Europe, Australia, and                                                                                                              America, and in the regions beyond. These cities have been neglected for years. The angels of God                                                                                                              are waiting for us to give our labors for their inhabitants. From town to town, from city to city, from                                                                                                              country to country, the warning message is to be proclaimed, not with outward display, but in the                                                                                                                power of the Spirit, by men of faith."

                                                                                                      Evangelism, p. 428. (1908)


Even the briefest glance at the news confirms that time is short! This is ESPECIALLY so in the large cities of the land.  Circumstances are ushering multitudes into eternity, each day, unprepared! Whether in strict accord with one set of estimates or another, knowing this reality one must ponder with what urgent invitation had those who are no longer with us been invited to enter the Kingdom? Many faithful souls ARE working to their maximum potential, but is there ANYTHING that can be additionally done to hasten or improve the situation?

Considering the magnitude of the work that remains, and the comparatively small number of workers, it seems appropriate to consider using the most efficient tools available to warn those still in jeopardy. As we at Radio of Hope have known and observed for more than a decade, radio does not replace the local Church, but is a great foot-in-the-door tool to overcome fear, prejudice and now "social-distancing".

The current population of the Greater Seattle metro area is about 3.5 million. The number of Seventh-day Adventists is about 23,000.  The statistical likelihood of adequate evangelistic efforts taking place, EACH DAY, without the earnest use of mass-media, strongly indicates that we must be engaged in broadcasting in every market where the opportunity exists! Gated communities, urban tenements, stay-at-home directives and extended commutes over thousands of square miles demand aggressive action!

A Great Opportunity Exists Now!

Olympic Media operates (now in our tenth year) KROH 91.1 FM from our home-base in Port Townsend, Washington. This provides a good signal over several counties in western Washington, but not over the Seattle Metro area. This was a known limitation from the very beginning, but was the only available option with which to begin! Building new FM stations to fill this need are not possible because of existing congestion in the FM band. Decades can transpire between construction windows for new AM stations as well. Fortunately, this does NOT mean there are no opportunities at all! While the possibility of purchasing other stations has come and gone in the past (in some interesting bidding wars) we currently have a very real chance to succeed! What has changed? Good question!

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic has caused great distress in the commercial broadcast market! Multiplied millions of dollars in advertising have been cancelled and commercial stations are hurting! So much so that numerous stations around the nation are at least temporarily (and some permanently) closing up shop (going silent). That's the bad news. The good news is that several of these stations are available for purchase at a considerable savings! One such station (now silent) has operated in the Seattle/Tacoma market since late-1950s and most recently addressed the territory mapped below.

AM Radio is Different!

For FM and TV broadcast stations the antennae are mounted on tall towers (mountains too) for best coverage of the intended service area. However, AM stations are quite different! In that case the tower IS the antenna (at least the visible half, but that is another story). The "other half" is under ground.

How well an AM signal reaches any given area is determined by a combination of frequency (the lower the better), power level (the higher the better, generally) and, finally, "ground conductivity". That term relates how well the earth electrically passes the signal along (affected by subsurface soil composition, water, etc). Since "ground conductivity" is not uniform, across all areas, signal strength can vary making actual on-air testing vital. 

One very positive aspect of AM radio (by virtue of its lower frequencies or "channels") is that the signal can fill-in areas that could be "passed-over" by FM and TV signals! Valleys and locations behind hills can still receive a good signal!

Here Is What We Found!

The blue contour line and shaded area indicates the theoretical daytime coverage and limits of the 1210 AM signal as predicted by established mathematical theorem. While this could appear to be authoritative, there are practical limits not represented by theory alone. A predicted signal might appear to be good enough to actually listen to, but there are factors working against it. Amplitude Modulation (AM) radio signals (the original form of broadcast radio) have to compete with what is know as a "noise-floor" which is generated by tens of thousands of electronic devices (computers, copiers, TVs, etc) and lighting units (especially neon and florescent lamps). These "micro-signals" all add up and cause an electronic "Hash" that degrades much of AM radio. To present an analogy, consider trying to have a private conversation while in a room with three or four other people as opposed to being in a sports stadium with 10,000 people! The "noise floor" is decidedly different in the two locations!

Based upon actual mobile reception (and some fixed location) testing of the 1210 AM signal on June 18th, the actual daytime, quality, listening area is more accurately represented by the area within the red contour line. A few outer locations, shown in a yellow-tinted zone, have a reduced signal strength and some interference. Northern areas beyond the red contour line experienced significant adjacent-channel interference from a Canadian station operating at 1200 AM. The "full-strength" daytime signal was experienced from about 10 miles south of Mt. Vernon to an area near JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) south of Tacoma.  All of this data notwithstanding, our survey indicates that there is still a large population base that can be reached by the 1210 station!



                                 The 1210 facility operates with fully-authorized power level during the daylight hours and a required lower power level at night.

                                                                      This is done to protect stations in other distant locations across the nation.




In 2004, during a period of better fiscal days, the 1210 AM station sold for $6 million dollars, but is currently being offered to Radio of Hope for only $750k! This amounts to a nearly 79% discount and roughly 21.4 cents per person that can be reached each and every day! 

An option does exist to purchase this station, on terms, with a final balloon after 24 months. This would require an initial down-payment of $50K and $5k per month on a no-interest note from the current owner. Other one-time investments, to mechanically transition to our network programming source, are anticipated to be another $7-10K.  Having presented this information, our first choice is to make a clean buy.  The transmitter sits on rented land and the current (but potentially re-negotiable) lease, combined with electrical power and other utilities, will run about $6,700 a month.  Adding the monthly note payment would raise this figure to about $11,700.00 

The 1210 AM station will be programmed to sound, and be, a thoroughly local station for the Metro area. While several volunteer positions will be created in the Metro area, the additional Network workload will require one additional, paid, staff member.  This would bring the total monthly operation costs up to about $15k or $21.00 per hour.

                    At first blush, these may seem like large sums, but have you ever watched the Amish move a barn? This project is completely possible!

                                                                                     Click anywhere in the dark screen below to start the video!




For efficiency comparison purposes, there are several other religious AM stations being operated within the Puget Sound area (several of which carry religious programming). One notable station operates at 1050 AM. This station, which can be heard in some vehicles in Port Townsend, has a similar predicted footprint over the territory depicted below. However, our testing indicates that the 1050 station is also affected by the electronic "Noise-floor" and does not experience the theoretical maximum predicted by the FCC as depicted by the official FCC may displayed below.


While 1210 AM is largely a daytime station, it does currently have some power at night.  Permission to increase the nighttime power may be possible under certain conditions, which we would pursue. Even under the current power limitations, there would be regular and numerous on-air announcements inviting listeners to switch to listening to our Internet audio streaming signal (already listened to by many in the Metro area) at (www.radioofhope.org/listen) for the overnight hours.

People can also say "Alexa, Play K  R  O  H"   and she will!   Radio of Hope also has a Roku channel!

In addition to the regular programming of "Radio of Hope the Network", the establishment of this station will also provide a tailored opportunity to air announcements and promotional items specifically for the Metro radio market. This means that evangelistic outreach and community-service actions of the local churches can be regularly brought to the attention of the general Metro public each day! This radio station is a tremendous tool capable of counteracting the copious misinformation that exists regarding God's last-days Gospel movement! 

Visionary evangelistic-partnerships are being sought NOW to acquire this great asset ASAP!  This is a partnership opportunity that is truly worthy of the term 21st Century! Just imagine the impact of reclaimed and Present Truth being aired, seven days a week, over this entire region! Better than imagining it...help it to happen! It's not going to get easier as time goes by. Powerful forces on the left and right are leading the way directly to the final chapters of the Great Controversy. 

Please consider being a 1210 Team Member!  Just 150 Team Members (individuals, sabbath school classes, churches, businesses, trusts) giving $100.00 a month, can make this project a blazing reality to finally cover the Seattle Metro area with life-changing Truth!  A greater number of monthly Team Members can also bring down the individual giving figure as can some larger one-time gifts!  We know that God is capable of impressing the right person(s) to write a check for the entire amount. We just don't know if that is His will or not!  If it would be to His Honor and Glory then let it be! Otherwise, let us all join hands together for 1210!

For additional information, or to indicate your desire to support this exciting project, either initially or through ongoing monthly support, you can:

  1. E-mail Radio of Hope via the following address info@radioofhope.org
  2. Call 360-379-8383
  3. Text 360-302-0562

Also, of major importance, if you know of someone who you believe could or should be interested in this project, please send them this page address!

We and the current owner are ready to take action NOW! We could potentially turn this station back on in about a month! Those desiring to help reach the Seattle Metro area can do so as outlined below.

Our mailing address is Box-1882, Port Townsend, WA 98368. 

You can also go directly to the donations page here.   Mark your gift the 1210 Project and we'll know what you mean.


        Covid-19 has caused disruption to "life-as-usual" on an unprecedented scale!               Is there something to be learned from this? There does appear to be a lesson here.

               "The work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity, she will have to do in a terrible crisis, under the most                        discouraging, forbidding circumstances."  5T, p. 463