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Greetings Broadcast Station Managers

Are You Looking for New Content or Perhaps Better Times of Appearance for Your Station? Should Drive-Time Music & Programs and Kid's Features Appear When They Work Best for You or Some Other Part of the Country? Radio of Hope May Be for You! With 50+ years of Staff Experience, We Don't Just Promise - We Deliver!

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Our non-compromised, Traditional Christian music format is combined with a variety of speakers, ranging from current to classic, presenting the Best of the Best in the Everlasting Gospel and Present-Truth for the 21st century!

The Weekly Schedule is Here. 

Radio of Hope, the Network, is not in the business of radio for profit. However, it is necessary to at least address our expenses. Initial affiliate stations will have a minimum suggested donation rate that, on average, amounts to about 10 cents per hour! A few business owners or a modest Sabbath School class, still searching for a special evangelistic cause, could easily do this as an outreach like no other!

Additional affiliate stations will drive down the individual cost for each! 30+ affiliates will result in a suggested donation of just 7 cents per hour. 40+ affiliates will reduce that figure down to just 5 cents per hour for 24/7 access to a truly impressive broadcast audio source!

Sound interesting? Let's Talk! - 360-379-8383