As an educational broadcast provider, our music and spoken programming are designed to address the following goals and objectives in every community in which they appear:

  • To help members of the community discover solutions to the personal, social, relational and health problems typical of contemporary times.
  • To provide opportunity for and to promote discussion of all areas of family, contemporary social, religious and personal life issues.
  • To teach the ideals of citizenship, integrity, personal responsibility, moral rectitude and spiritual maturity.
  • To teach parents and children principles for strengthening the home.
  • To provide religious instruction and moral teaching.


To accomplish these goals and objectives our spoken programming and music are, alike, chosen with the strictest regard to Biblical standards and principles. You deserve the Truth!

Additionally, Radio of Hope provides listeners with useful information of a public-service nature. This information includes, but is not limited to, community-events of an appropriate, positive and benefitial nature, ferry delays, standard and adverse weather forecasts and alerts as produced by the National Weather Service, tsunami warnings, seismic events and related hazards and conditions, hazardous material spills, issues concerning home-land security, adverse road conditions and school closings during severe storm events.

Specifics regarding each programming category are located via these links:

Program schedule is here.       Music Philosophy is here.