The cost of studio and transmitter-site rental, insurance, license fees, equipment repair, utilities, office supplies and additional staff members are always on the increase. Our full monthly operating budget is $11,100.00. With about 720 hours in the average month why not consider making one of these
"time-chunks" ($16.50) your own project each month? 

Massive buildings are built with single bricks, so no gift, from the heart, is ever too small for the Lord to use in His service. "Why" is always much more important than "What". In these difficult times every gift made from limited and precious
resources is very much appreciated and is always treated
with the utmost respect and stewardship!

Radio of Hope is owned and operated by Olympic Media, Inc.

Long-time Radio of Hope observers have inquired about the occasional
short-fall, between our target budget and our regular actual income, so
we will attempt to provide an explanation. We cannot over-state how
seriously we take our mandate to faithfully use each dollar donated to the
cause of Christ! Close study is made before any purchase is made and our
dedicated radio staff is applying their expertise for a fraction of the industry
norm. In short, we're laying up treasure in Heaven.

Many projects that might be accomplished are either delayed or set aside into
the unseen future. Every month, all that we accomplish is done with the faithful
help of our many friends! Each of you is much more important than you may
realize! All that we have is owed to our Father in Heaven and His faithful
children here on earth!

In August $5,691.00, or 51% of our targeted monthly need, arrived from
our, direct, on-air listening family and from streaming audio users
around the world. This was well below the minimum level of income
that allows for paying all of our typical bills and allowing for a
normal payroll with two full-time workers to occur. The times are tight.

has arrived in September thus far. Please continue to remember Radio
of Hope in your giving plans! Thank you very much for all that you do!
We are especialy grateful for the new individual dollars that are being sent.
It helps more than may, at first, be expected. Thank you faithful family!

If you have not yet become a supporter of Radio of Hope please consider helping
now. We can't be on the air without each of you! Why not make just one hour of broadcasting each month your project for the Kingdom?


If the Lord impresses you to help us spread the Good News, sharing our
hope in the Soon-Coming Savior, you may easily and securely donate from
this web site, but be sure to support your local church body first.

Our On-Line Donation Pages Are Now Located

or you can send your tax deductible donations to:
Radio of Hope, P.O. Box 1882, Port Townsend, WA 98368

  Thank you very much for your support!

For information about existing individual and business supporters click here.