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01. You Can Understand Bible Prophecy 13. The Final Judgement is Good News
02. How Ancient Babylon Foretold the End 14. Perfect Proof of Jesus' Identity Part 1 &
03. Is Jesus Coming Soon? How near is the End? 15. Perfect Proof of Jesus' Identity Part 2
04. The Answer to Human Suffering 16. How to Face Death Unafraid with Confidence
05. The War Behind the Wars - Part 1 17. The Three Angels Messages - No Guide Avail.
06. The War Behind the Wars - Part 2 18. The Good News About Hell!
07. Does Jesus Have a Twin? Antichrist Part 1 19. How Not to Get the Mark of the Beast
08. Does Jesus Have a Twin? Antichrist Part 2 20. The United States in Bible Prophecy
09. The Rock That Won't Roll - Part 1 21. Babylon is Alive and Well!
10. The Rock That Won't Roll - Part 2 22. God Has A Church On Earth - No Guide Avail.
11. The Second Coming Will Happen! 23. Who Is the "Real" Isreal? - No Guide Avail.
12. How to Get and Remain Undeceived 24. How To Get/Stay On the Straight & Narrow - No Guide Avail.

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