Ready to Go?

Radio of Hope is Aiming for Space
and we are now recruiting our "non-expendable" crew members
because this can't be done without them! No crew equals no mission!

77 visionary
 crew members are needed to contribute $25.00 per
month toward the annual 
satellite air-time on Galaxy-19. 

We have already exceeded the half-way point, in our fund-raising for
Galaxy-19, and will be launching shortly. It is anticipated, that
being available to more listeners, via satellite, will provide the
additional "Crew Members" and monthly support necessary.

(These Team Members are in addition to those wonderful people that already
faithfully provide our
basic operating budget each month).

How much territory does this add to our existing outreach? Go here.

Listen to the radio spot! 

Download the Introduction to Project Galaxy .pdf

Already Convinced and Ready to Take Action?

Printable Faith-Promise Card Here   .pdf

Launch Progress Here.