Beginning with a gentle, yet insistent, prompting from God in 2007, the leadership of Radio of Hope
began laying plans to share the most important and urgent news on earth! By God's grace these plans
became reality and Radio of Hope continues to grow in content and reach.

Bible prophecy has a long and successful track record of unveiling the future. Accurate predictions of more
than 2,500 years of history, and some history yet to come, confirm the validity of the most maligned and
disregarded book on earth! Despite numerous ages of counterfeit deities and theology, the God of the Bible
has made tremendous efforts to communicate His Plan of Salvation and amply demonstrate His unfailing
love toward His erring and often misled children.

Initially operating with only our Internet audio stream in September of 2010, we continued to grow and
began on-air broadcast operations on August 12, 2011 serving the Pacific Northwest from Port Townsend,
Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. This missionary project was only possible because many faithful
individuals recognized the signs of the times
and chose to act accordingly.

Again, it came as no surprise that God had called Radio of Hope to use even greater means of reaching
people. Our original broadcast equipment was purchased with the intent to add a second and even third
language when the timing was right. Now is that time and HD Radio is the technology! More general HD
information is HERE.
Our English service will be joined by 24-hour Spanish AND 24-hour Russian services!

Just when we thought the growth-curve was going to level out a little, we observed that there are
 other stations, in the western U.S., still in need of high-quality programming presented in
Traditional music format with a schedule optimized for the Pacific and Mountain Time zones.
we restructured our operations to accommodate this expanding outreach.  The Radio of Hope
is now providing unparalleled audio service to a variety of locations via Internet-feed and
will soon launch a new channel on Galaxy-19 for use across the continent!

If your station is in need of high-quality music and programming, feel free to contact us!

Our story in photos is located here.