What is it?:  Full-Day or Half-Day sponsorship is a special part of our financial
support mechanism. When you sponsor a
Full-Day or Half-Day, it becomes your
special Day or Half-Day for that year (and, yes, you can do more than just one if
you desire). 
Throughout that day the name and the reason for sponsoring "this
portion of Radio of Hope broadcasting"
is aired.

A Full-Day airs about 10-12 times and a Half-Day airs about 5-6 times. Some special
reasons to sponsor a
Full-Day or Half-Day include, but are not limited to; birthdays,
anniversaries, honoring a special achievement like a graduation, the memory
of a loved-one, a baptism or simply to support Radio of Hope because you love
the Lord.
The possibilities are great!

How much?:  Full day sponsorship is currently $270.00 for each day. Half-Day
sponsorship is currently $135.00.

How to give:  You may sponsor a
Full-Day or Half-Day at any time by contacting
Radio of Hope via phone or e-mail and mailing the station or submitting your on-line
sponsorship donation. You may also spread your gift out for the year by making
multiple smaller payments.
We do ask that the donation be complete prior to the air-date.
Full-Day and Half-Day sponsorships are first-come, first-served so please be sure to
check with us early.