Planned Giving: Building a Legacy in Christ’s Kingdom

 The goal of Planned Giving is to help donors plan their estates and charitable giving in ways that
benefit both family and charity. The federal tax code allows for several  trusts and gift agreement
that are used in making these planned gifts to charity and that provide substantial tax benefits
to donors. Therefore the study and practice of planned giving provides a win-win situation for donor
and charity.. It involves a knowledge of people, their family needs and charitable desires as well
as knowledge of taxation and the gift agreements available to fill those desires.

The Bequest

Planned Giving is a great
way to add significance and
fulfillment to your life and make
a real difference in the life of
Radio of Hope. Together we
can build a Legacy for Christ’s

An Easy Gift to Make:
A charitable Bequest to Radio
of Hope is a Bequest written in
a Will or Trust that directs a gift
to be made to a qualified exempt
charity when you pass away. It
allows you to benefit the work
of Radio of Hope long after you
have passed away. Better yet,
such a bequest can help you
save estate taxes by providing
the estate with a charitable
deduction for the value of the

A Bequest may be made in

Gift of a percentage of an estate

Gift of a specific asset

Gift of the residue of an estate


Other Types of Bequests

Certain types of property pass
outside a Will or a Trust. These
assets require that you name a
beneficiary by completing a
beneficiary form. To make a
Bequest of these assets you
need to contact the administrator
of these assets that you own.

Bequest of an IRA makes an
excellent bequest for a charity
like Radio of Hope. If you were
giving it to family, much of its
value would be depleted by estate
and income taxes. By designating
Radio of Hope as the beneficiary,
the full value of the gift is trans-
ferred tax free and your estate
receives a charitable deduction.

Bequest of Insurance Policy
makes a nice gift to charity..
As an asset of your estate, the
insurance policy is taxable at
your death. However, if the policy
is to Radio of Hope, your estate
avoids paying tax on the value
of the policy and receives a
charitable deduction for the gift.


Charitable Gift Annuity

The beauty of a Charitable Gift
Annuity is that while providing
a future gift to Radio of Hope,
you are also providing life time
income for yourself and spouse.
Besides, you receive an
immediate tax deduction and
your income is largely income-
tax fee. You can use, cash,
appreciated stock or property
to fund your annuity without
paying capital gains.

When CD’s are paying less
than one percent, many of
Radio of Hope’s partners have
found that a charitable gift
annuity agreement is an
excellent way to obtain very
attractive financial benefits
plus, they have the satisfaction
of knowing their gift supports
the future mission and vision
of Radio of Hope. 

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