Who is listening to our flagship station and where are they located? Check the map for a location
near you. If you don't see your spot, please let us know, and we'll add the information right away.
Colored dots typically represent dozens, if not hundreds of reports, so city coverage is indicated.

How does this compare with the engineering predictions? Here is a map of expectations.

Our predicted service area (Longely-Rice) was based upon antenna height above average terrain,
effective radiated power, adjacent-channel protection for other stations and terrain restrictions.
Actual performance, well in excess of these depictions, was expected by the study engineers and has
actually been reported in a variety of directions and locations. Terrain appears to be the most critical.

Service within the black contour line is the area of theoretically "guaranteed" interference-free
reception under all circumstances. According to contract engineers "Acceptable" service
(admitedly a highly subjective term) can be expected well beyond the protected contour into
and beyond the colored-shaded areas.

As additional signal reports are received, from members of our listening family, the map located
at the top of this page will be updated to reflect actual performance.

Pages providing reception-improving hints and tips are located here.

Please send your reception report with as many details as possible:

1. Type of radio - Car/truck, Clock-radio, Home stereo, Boom-box, etc?

2. Type of antenna - Windshield, whip, telescoping, rabbit-ears, "T" shaped, roof or pole, TV, etc?

3. Where you get our signal. Does it come and go as you drive? Please explain.

4. What other signals, just above or below 91.1 FM, had impact upon your listening?

Send report here.