Welcome to Our 24/7 World-Wide Audio Stream!

No matter where in the world you are...we're glad you're here! The more
you listen... the more we hope to minister to you. If you have a friend that
is not into computers or Smartphones, but they still want to listen to great
radio on the web, visit our page about Web Appliances and share the info.
You can always say "Alexa, play K R O H" or "Tune in, Radio of Hope". 

On Your Laptop of Desktop Computer, Click the Speakers.
If the "Demographics Capture" screen pops up more than once (it's not supposed to, but we're checking on it), and you have already provide the information, just click "no thanks" and enjoy the stream! As other "bugs" surface we will address them asap.
If you want to listen on Android or iPhone, do this:

Last Twenty Items Played - Info Here.

Please report any outage or interruption to our headquarters station - KROH. Be sure to include
the time. We are working on fully functional tablet versions too. Stay tuned!

I can't hear the signal    -    360-379-8383

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